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The NTI (Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition) appliance is an intra-oral small appliance that Dr. Wesley Shankland uses to stop or severely reduce the clenching of a patient while he or she is sleeping. Such intense clenching can cause severe headaches, ear pain, wear of teeth, sensitivity of teeth and tooth fracture.


Dr. Shankland was the chief scientific investigator for the FDA study concerning the efficacy of the NTI. This appliance was approved, by the US FDA, for the treatment of clenching, TMD and migraine headache pain.


Those who suffer from migraine headaches have two common symptoms: (1) muscle tenderness in the face and head and (2) a habit of clenching the teeth. The NTI alleviates or greatly reduces both of these symptoms and thus, in theory, reduces the severity and frequency of migraine headache pain.


Next to the inventor of the NTI, Dr. Shankland has been using this effective device longer than anyone else on earth.


If you suffer with migraine or tension-type headache pain, sensitive or broken teeth, ear or neck pain, make an appointment to see Dr. Shankland and his staff.


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