Preventative Dentistry Westerville Ohio

Dr. Shankland and his staff are dedicated to providing dental care that will not only help their patients have as few dental problems as possible, but minimizing oral diseases also helps patients maintain healthy bodies as well. By providing extensive oral cancer examinations, thorough cleanings and sealants of posterior or back teeth to prevent dental decay, you can be assured that your oral health is of the utmost concern for Dr. Shankland and his staff.

Dr. Shankland and his staff are committed to providing the most up to date preventative dental care information to their patients. It is their goal that you have the healthiest mouth and receive only the least amount of dental treatment that’s necessary. In providing preventative dental advice and care, Dr. Shankland’s staff offer:

  • Oral cancer examinations for every patient.
    Dr. Shankland’s staff has invested in the advanced technology Oral ID, which is a comprehensive cancer screening test. This advanced test utilizes fluorescence, which highlights suspicious-looking tissue in the mouth, which alerts the staff long before the naked eye could see histological tissue changes, thus saving lives.
  • Prophy or a dental prophylaxis is the technical term for cleanings.
    Routine dental cleanings are the very best way to monitor your dental health and to ensure that you stay healthy and hopefully, require little dental treatment. Dr. Shankland also offers Whitening for Life. For patients who agree to return for regular dental cleanings, Dr. Shankland will provide all the necessary items to whiten your teeth free of charge.
  • Sealants.
    The best way to fight tooth decay is to prevent the decay. Using sealants in the posterior or back teeth, especially in younger children and teenagers, really helps to preserve the biting surfaces of adult teeth and prevents tooth decay. Dr. Shankland believes so strongly in sealants that he will replaced lost sealants or place a dental filling in teeth that have had sealants free of charge!
  • Teeth whitening.
    Today everyone wants a white and beautiful smile and Dr. Shankland’s office provides very effective whitening. Whitening strips can be purchased at any store that has a dental section, but those products often whiten teeth too quickly, causing teeth to become very sensitive to even cool temperatures. Dr. Shankland is pleased to provide Whitening for Life free of charge for his patients who enroll in a maintenance program for routine and consistent dental care.

  • Biopsy services.
    If you notice a change in color or shape of any tissues in your mouth, make an appointment to see Dr. Shankland as soon as possible to ensure that you are not developing a cancerous or pre-cancerous growth. Over 5%, or 1 in 20, of cancers are oral cancers. Due to the great amount of blood vessels in the mouth, oral cancer spreads very rapidly. Dr. Shankland has had additional and extensive training in biopsy techniques, so if you have any question or concern, make an appointment as soon as possible.

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